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Mar 10 2015 5:06PM
Restore a database sql file more than 1 GB of Size
The database .sql file which are above 1GB is not supported by the sql editor of the Postgresql. Thus databases whose size is more than 1GB cannot be restored through the sql Pane of PostGres. Thus to restore the database we have to cover following steps: - 1)Check C: ---> Program Files --->PostgreSQL ---->9.1(or 9.2 or 9.3 which ever is installed) --->scripts ---> runpsql.bat. Double Click on it. 2)cmd window will open. Then Enter localhost id i.e which is by default for a local system. 3)After entering localhost it will ask for the name of database. Enter the nameof database ex: -test and press enter[ENTER] 4)Enter the port i.e. 5432 forlocalhost 5)Enter the Username of postgres 6) Enter the password of Postgres 7) Once you Enter the password it will enter into the postgres and enter the command as stated below for restoration \i 'path of sql file ex: - d://Database//test.sql' the script will start and the restoration will be continued until GRANT is shown.
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Nabi Hassan
Re:Restore a database sql file more than 1 GB of Size
icon_post_target By Nabi Hassan» Mar 10 2015 5:11PM
nice article which is very helpful for me

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