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Mar 9 2015 6:27PM
Requirements to develop a software for beginners
There are two basic things need to develop a user based software. The first one is the Interface where the user can enter their required data and the second one is the storage space where the data is stored. For ex: - various tools like Powerbuilder, ASP.Net etc provides interface to enter the data and the second once databases which holds the data. The stored data is manipulated and the result is provided to end user in the form of reports. Both these are binded using a Connection String. In the Start we don't have any idea where to start. But once we have the names ex: -Powerbuilder futher development can be carried out start digging into it.
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Shilpee Kumari
Re:Requirements of develop as software for beginners
icon_post_target By Shilpee Kumari» Mar 9 2015 6:43PM
This is very true and correct that beginners are confused regarding the technology to choose for building up their carrier. This article is useful in this regard.

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