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Re-Search Work
Mar 9 2015 5:46PM
Cause of lacking in Re-Search work in INDIA.
Before Hiring any person(Resource), Knowledge Assessments become very tidy and cumbersome work for any management. We should map the project req. as well as Resource Knowledge level. Eventually the process of talent acquisition is not fit(As per my observation). Most of the IT MNC's and local companies are hiring (Mostly in case of freshers) people on the basis of certain logical test, I strongly believe, hiring of IT people must be based on two criteria, definitely first one is logical test, the another mandatory one should be technical test and obviously technical observation of Knowledge facts. Lacking of Computer fundamentals HOLDS us to do some re-search work. and most of the Indian IT company is working on maintenance kind of work. Believe me, this is not good sign. We are gradually deteriorating our Indian skill set as most of good people migrated towards foreign country. I am not saying this is good or bad, however we need think about the migration problem. No one can stop any BIRD to fly from one country to another country. However a big question what will happen to our INDIA. How we will become biggest economy ???? Tried to put my thought on this open forum, you are heartily welcome to comments on this. ---RikArena (R&D Division)
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