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Jun 4 2014 12:53PM
What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
In RDBMS,client server architecture is present (i.e) the client sends the request to the server and the server responds to that particular request. 1) DBMS does not impose any constraints or security withregard to data manipulation. It is user or the programmerresponsibility to ensure the ACID PROPERTY of the database. RDBMS defines the integrity constraint for the purpose ofholding ACID PROPERTY. 2) In DBMS Normalization process will not be present. In RDBMS, normalization process will be present to checkthe database table cosistency. 3) In DBMS we treats Data as Files internally.In RDBMS we treats data as Tables internally. 4) DBMS supports 3 rules of E.F.CODD out off 12 rules.RDBMS supports minimum 6 rules of E.F.CODD. 5) DBMS does not support distributed databases. RDBMS support distributed databases. 6) In DBMS we see small organization with small amount of data. RDBMS designed to take care of large amount of data. 7) DBMS contains only flat data. RDBMS contains some relation between entities. 8) DBMS supports single user RDBMS supports multiple user.
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