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Test 'City' for Driverless Cars Opens
27 Jul 2015 | MCity|University of Michigan|Driverless Cars
Imagine a town with crosswalks but no pedestrians, cars and trucks but no drivers. Welcome to Mcity, a fake "town" built by researchers who are testing out the driverless cars of the future. The controlled test environment, which opened today (July 20) at the University of Michigan (U-M) in Ann Arbor, covers 32 acres (the size of about 24 football fields) and contains all the trappings of a real suburb or small city. There is an entire network of roads lined with sidewalks, streetlights, stop signs and traffic signals. There's even a "downtown" area complete with fake building facades and outdoor dining areas. The idea behind Mcity is simple: test out new driverless car innovations in a human-free environment before these technologies are unleashed in the real world.
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