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pdf conversion into word doc
Mar 24 2015 1:01PM
PDF files into word document
Logical Volume Manager
Mar 23 2015 6:42PM
This article describes a basic logic behind a Linux logical volume manager by showing real examples of configuration and usage.
secure smartphone from hanging
Mar 23 2015 6:39PM
solve smart phone hanging using the software and application
IDM Crack
Mar 23 2015 6:33PM
1)Downlaod IDM From Here "http://dl11.usersfiles.com/d/qyl5lhrxt52fvxij57sijas7buau5uaeugbyljpwijmolcfxlg5efu4d/MuhammadNiaz.Net%20623B6.rar " 2) Install idman 3)Close internet download manager in tray Icon 4)Copy IDMAN in crack folder and paste into "C:\programe files\internet Download Manager
Android security
Mar 23 2015 6:31PM
9 Common-Sense Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure
Securing Big Data
Mar 23 2015 5:23PM
Tackle big data from a security point of view
Hacking techniques
Mar 23 2015 12:10PM
In the modern age of Computerization most of the works are being carried out using the Personal Computers and Networks. With the growing age of modernization threat to hacking is increasing day by day. So it is essential to secure our data which may contains valuable items like Bank details, Mail Details etc. There are some of the ways to secure system and Data which has been described below.
Increasing computing speed
Mar 23 2015 11:03AM
A device resembling a plastic honeycomb yet infinitely smaller than a bee's stinger can steer light beams around tighter curves than ever before possible, while keeping the integrity and intensity of the beam intact.

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